[STEMsmart] Build a house
[STEMsmart] Build a house
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 47 Lessons

During the first week, children will begin to learn about houses and buildings. Children will:

  • Explore different materials used in house construction
  • Getting to know the different parts of a house
  • Build your own house with various materials
  • Recognition and identification of two dimensional shapes in houses and buildings
  • Get acquainted with the concept of construction, when listening to the story "Building a House" by author Byron Barton - a story describing the stages of building a house.
  • Starting to realise the importance of building a solid house takes time, through the video "The Three Little Pigs" 
  • Discover different versions of the same story as you listen to the Three Little Pigs narrative version and animated version
  • Realise that people and animals live in different houses
  • Let's review the letter Tt, the sound /t/ and the letter Xx, the sound /x/ and the word Construction
[STEMsmart] Building High, Building Strong
[STEMsmart] Building High, Building Strong
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 49 Lessons

During this week, children will explore building tools and materials and begin to focus on building their own buildings. When building, children will discover the strength and durability of the building. Children will:

  • Use different materials, to build houses
  • Learn how to build taller and stronger
  • Watch thematic videos to broaden your knowledge of the science featured during the week
  • Listen to stories read in multiple versions, to learn more about building materials, and make connections between different versions of the same story
  • Learn more about tools, and how people use them through themed series
  • Review the letter Dd, the sound /d/, and the word Instruments
[STEMsmart] Smart Homes
[STEMsmart] Smart Homes
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 41 Lessons

This week, children will learn about Smart Homes. Children will:

  • Identify the uses of the house, the rooms in the house, and the furniture in each room
  • Brainstorm the idea of ​​​​implementing the Smart Home project, visualise the function, and design the rooms in the smart house and the furniture of each room.
  • Learn and study how to build a green and eco friendly house
  • Design and create smart furniture for each room
  • Finishing the house and giving a presentation on my Smart Home project
[STEMsmart] Smart Lifestyles (3R)
[STEMsmart] Smart Lifestyles (3R)
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 39 Lessons

This week, children will learn about smart living through environmental protection activities: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Children will:

  • Recognise what is important to the habitat of each species, the benefits of a clean environment to people and animals
  • Assess the health of the surrounding environment, and identify sources of pollution
  • Identify the causes of environmental pollution, and some measures to protect the environment
  • Realise the effect of saving the earth's energy resources by minimising the use of unnecessary resources
  • Assess the situation of waste in schools and propose measures to reduce waste in schools
  • Identify and compare behaviours, and habits in daily life that are harmful to the environment
  • Recognise the benefits of cleaning and disposing of garbage in the right place, the benefits of sorting and recycling