[STEMsmart] Smart Homes

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 41 Lessons


This week, children will learn about Smart Homes. Children will:

  • Identify the uses of the house, the rooms in the house, and the furniture in each room
  • Brainstorm the idea of ​​​​implementing the Smart Home project, visualise the function, and design the rooms in the smart house and the furniture of each room.
  • Learn and study how to build a green and eco friendly house
  • Design and create smart furniture for each room
  • Finishing the house and giving a presentation on my Smart Home project
Course Content

General guidance

[SST08.3] Overview
[SST08.3] Learning Outcomes
[SST08.3] Webinar Recording (Video 01:22:08)
[SST08.3] Letter to Parents
[SST08.3] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST08.3] Let's chat: Houses and buildings
[SST08.3] Watch: Houses in the World
[SST08.3] Time of Discovery (Outdoor): Searching for Materials
[SST08.3] Small group activities: Different materials
[SST08.3] Watch: Smart home
[SST08.3] Small group activities: What the house can/cannot do
[SST08.3] Let's learn letters together: Letter Xx and the word “Building”
[SST08.3] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST08.3] Let's see: Smart electronic home model of the future
[SST08.3] Let's explore: The rooms in the house
[SST08.3] Read the story together: If you build a house
[SST08.3] Let's chat: More materials
[SST08.3] Small group activity: Creating rooms in the house
[SST08.3] Let's share: The special thing at my house
[SST08.3] Let's learn languages ​​together: Composing the story "The house is not smart"

Day 3

[SST08.3] Game: East, West, South, North
[SST08.3] Let's explore: Eco friendly house
[SST08.3] Watch: Miss Agatha's House
[SST08.3] Let's explore: Design "Smart Home"
[SST08.3] Small group activity: Design smart rooms and appliances
[SST08.3] Let's learn the letters: Nn and the word "House"

Day 4

[SST08.3] Watch: Build a house
[SST08.3] Let's Explore (Indoor): Walls and Roofs
[SST08.3] Let's explore: Construction tools
[SST08.3] Small group activities: “Smart home” model
[SST08.3] Small group activity: Modeling rooms and smart appliances
[SST08.3] Let's learn letters together: Room name plate

Day 5

[SST08.3] Interactive game: Build a house
[SST08.3] Read together: Building a house
[SST08.3] Let's chat: The walls of the house
[SST08.3] Small group activity: Sponge brick house
[SST08.3] Read the story together: If you build a house
[SST08.3] Co creating: Completing “Smart Home”
[SST08.3] Presentation: Baby's Smart Home Project
[SST08.3] Summary
[SST08.3] Family Connection