[STEMsmart] Jurassic Park
[STEMsmart] Jurassic Park
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 37 Lessons

This week, children will learn about the theme of Jurassic Park. 

  • Children will learn, recognize fossils and make their own fossils. Children will be very curious and learn about the end of the dinosaur age in the ice age;
  • Children will use their senses to dig dinosaur bones. After that, the children will group the objects they find by similar characteristics and make presentations about the results they find;
  • Children will do experiments to show how dinosaurs eat;
  • Children will recognize the letter "D" in the word Dinosaur (English), the letter "K" in the word "dinosaur", "archaeology";
  • Children will also listen to books about dinosaurs together;
  • Children will paint in simple lines and curves. Children will begin to practice writing when they draw and write about their favorite dinosaur stories;
  • Children will create movements through music to imitate the actions of dinosaurs;
  • Children will use life-size objects or familiar animals to demonstrate understanding of the true size of a dinosaur.
[STEMsmart] Prehistoric times
[STEMsmart] Prehistoric times
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 36 Lessons

This week, your child will learn a topic about Prehistoric Man. Children will:

  • Discover the names, characteristics, activities, living places of prehistoric people;
  • Children discover symmetry, shapes, numbers, and spatial and temporal orientation in the past and present after exploring tools, living places, and characteristics of prehistoric people;
  • Children will learn techniques of stone carving, crafting rudimentary labor tools, saving fossil samples;
  • Develop children's vocabulary about prehistoric people's life, working tools, words indicating time, words indicating "symmetrical" mathematical concepts;
  • Children will be able to create fossil samples, fossil specimens, create costumes of prehistoric people, create tools for prehistoric people;
  • Play prehistoric games: pepper throwing, basket picking, prehistoric dance, percussion and clapping;
  • Children learn how to be safe when using work tools and apply them directly to safety when participating in daily work and study.
[STEMsmart] King and Queen
[STEMsmart] King and Queen
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 39 Lessons

This week children will continue to travel with the Time Machine, after going to Prehistory, they will experience the theme of Kings and Queens. Through fairy tales, ancient history, children will:

  • Learning about the concept of time, the old days, the past, about the story of the dynasties;
  • Learn how to use painting materials and build castles, learn about ancient architecture;
  • Design, create, architecture and decorate castles and design royal costumes;
  • Listen to stories and songs about kings, queens, princes, princesses…;
  • Inspiring dreams of aesthetic beauty in all ages, and beauty from many different countries.
[STEMsmart] Around the World
[STEMsmart] Around the World
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 31 Lessons

To prepare them to be future global citizens, this week they will experience a trip around the world. Children will: 

  • Know the characteristics and role of passports, know how to use passports when traveling abroad
  • Know the names and uses of the necessary items when traveling
  • Know the names and locations of the continents in the world, distinguish the different climate characteristics on the continents
  • Develop emotional and social abilities because they will:
    • Know how to respect the difference
    • Start learning how to cooperate with your travel group friends
    • Learn safety skills when traveling