[STEMsmart] Smart Lifestyles (3R)

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 39 Lessons


This week, children will learn about smart living through environmental protection activities: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Children will:

  • Recognise what is important to the habitat of each species, the benefits of a clean environment to people and animals
  • Assess the health of the surrounding environment, and identify sources of pollution
  • Identify the causes of environmental pollution, and some measures to protect the environment
  • Realise the effect of saving the earth's energy resources by minimising the use of unnecessary resources
  • Assess the situation of waste in schools and propose measures to reduce waste in schools
  • Identify and compare behaviours, and habits in daily life that are harmful to the environment
  • Recognise the benefits of cleaning and disposing of garbage in the right place, the benefits of sorting and recycling
Course Content

General guidance

[SST08.4] Overview
[SST08.4] Learning Outcomes
[SST08.4] Webinar Recording (Video 01:26:55)
[SST08.4] Letter to Parents
[SST08.4] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST08.4] Read the story together: On the green meadow
[SST08.4] Watch: A dalmatian protects the environment
[SST08.4] Working together: We go into the green forest
[SST08.4] Let's listen to the story: The cry of the green forest
[SST08.4] Sing together: The whole world
[SST08.4] Let's explore together (Outdoor): Environmental health where children live
[SST08.4] Co creating: Environmental Newsletter
[SST08.4] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST08.4] Sing together: Song 3R
[SST08.4] Watch: The journey of 3 plastic bottles
[SST08.4] Read the story together: Don't throw it away
[SST08.4] Role play: Red Superman, Blue Superman
[SST08.4] Small Group Activity: 5 Minute Daily Plan

Day 3

[SST08.4] Sing together: Baby sweeps the house
[SST08.4] Watch: Please put your rubbish here
[SST08.4] Let's explore: Assessing school waste
[SST08.4] Let's explore: Garbage
[SST08.4] Watch: Peppa Pig - Recycle
[SST08.4] Let's play: “Put the rubbish in the bin”
[SST08.4] Let's Create: Rubbish Stickers

Day 4

[SST08.4] Sing together: On the green meadow
[SST08.4] Watch: Where did you go?
[SST08.4] Let's chat: Leftovers
[SST08.4] Co creation: The journey of a rice grain
[SST08.4] Watch: Peppa Pig - Organic Fertiliser
[SST08.4] Small group activity: Making compost
[SST08.4] Let's play: "Tree planting contest"

Day 5

[SST08.4] Let's move together: Ring throwing game
[SST08.4] Let's see: How is paper produced?
[SST08.4] Small group activities: Paper production
[SST08.4] Let's create together: Fold origami with used paper
[SST08.4] Let's Create Together: Recycling Castle
[SST08.4] Summary: Recycling Museum
[SST08.4] Family Connection