[STEMsmart] Flowing Water
[STEMsmart] Flowing Water
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 43 Lessons

During the first week of the Magic Water theme, children will: 

  • Discover how water reacts when it is poured on different surfaces
  • Learn about liquids in the shape of their containers
  • Using different tools to transport water, observe, and describe the movement of water on them
  • Get acquainted with the nature of water through the story Everyone is wet!
  • Discover the origin and flow of the Pine River
  • Review the letter Nn, the sound /n/, and the word Water.
[STEMsmart] Float and Sink
[STEMsmart] Float and Sink
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 46 Lessons

This week, your child will learn about objects that can float or sink. Children will: 

  • Explore floating or sinking objects made from different materials;
  • Create boats from a variety of materials, and discover which materials float or sink in water;
  • Listen to, and watch a number of readings, and tapes, to learn more about sinking and floating under different conditions;
  • Learn the letter Tt, the sound /t/, and the word Boat.
[STEMsmart] Waterways
[STEMsmart] Waterways
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 47 Lessons

During this week your child will continue to explore the movement of water, how to create and change water flow. Children will: 

  • Continue to create rivers by digging paths for water to flow
  • Start planning, and building wider and more complex waterways
  • Learn about dams and dam construction
  • Continue to use tools to transport water
  • Listen to themed stories that strengthen your child's knowledge of the concept of flowing water, and help them explore the water in the ocean
  • Learn about the estuary: the end of the river is where the river empties into the sea
  • Let's review the letters Ss and Dđ, sounds /s/ and /đ/, from River and Dam.
[STEMsmart] Where Does Water Go?
[STEMsmart] Where Does Water Go?
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 47 Lessons

In this lesson, children will discover where water flows: seas and oceans. Children will:

  • Explore the oceans and continents of the earth;
  • Review evaporation of water and recognise that evaporating seawater can produce salts;
  • Identify ocean layers, compare the order and color of each layer;
  • Learn about marine pollution and some of its causes;
  • Thinking and finding measures to limit pollution and protect the sea;
  • Listen to and watch themed stories to explore with their characters the beauties of the seas and oceans above and below;
  • Review the letter Dđ, sound /đ/ in the word Ocean and the letter Ss, sound /s/ in the word Sea creatures.