[STEMsmart] Flowing Water

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 43 Lessons


During the first week of the Magic Water theme, children will: 

  • Discover how water reacts when it is poured on different surfaces
  • Learn about liquids in the shape of their containers
  • Using different tools to transport water, observe, and describe the movement of water on them
  • Get acquainted with the nature of water through the story Everyone is wet!
  • Discover the origin and flow of the Pine River
  • Review the letter Nn, the sound /n/, and the word Water.
Course Content

General guidance

[SST04.1] Overview
[SST04.1] Learning Outcomes
[SST04.1] Webinar Recording (Video 01:20:43)
[SST04.1] Letter to Parents
[SST04.1] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST04.1] Welcome song: “Hold your hands around”
[SST04.1] Let's chat: Getting to know water
[SST04.1] Explore Together (Outdoor): Explore water on surfaces
[SST04.1] Small group activities: Water has no fixed shape
[SST04.1] Read together: Everyone is wet
[SST04.1] Let's learn the letters: Nn and the word "Water"
[SST04.1] Let's Learn Letters: Writing on Sandpaper ("Nn")
[SST04.1] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST04.1] Welcome song: “Hold your hands around”
[SST04.1] Let's chat: Learn more about water
[SST04.1] Explore Together (Outdoor): Rivers
[SST04.1] Small group activity: Measuring water flow
[SST04.1] Draw and write together: Make a chart
[SST04.1] Watch: “Creating a river”
[SST04.1] Let's learn letters: Sound /n/
[SST04.1] Let's learn letters together: Fill letters (“Nn”)

Day 3

[SST04.1] Welcome song: “Hold your hands around”
[SST04.1] Let's chat: Water flows in the valley
[SST04.1] Exploring together (Outdoor): Changing the flow of water
[SST04.1] Small Group Activity: Changing the Flow
[SST04.1] Watch: “The Story of a River”
[SST04.1] Draw and write together: “River”
[SST04.1] Play on words: Guess the word (/n/)
[SST04.1] Learn letters together: Practice writing (“Nn”)

Day 4

[SST04.1] Welcome song: “Let's walk”
[SST04.1] Let's chat: Water transportation
[SST04.1] Exploring together (Indoor): Pouring and spraying water
[SST04.1] Let's watch: Teardrop boy
[SST04.1] Play Together: Go up, down, around, and through
[SST04.1] Let's learn letters: Alphabet bag (/n/)
[SST04.1] Play on words: Consonant chorus (/n/)

Day 5

[SST04.1] Welcome song: “Let's walk”
[SST04.1] Let's chat: Spray and pump
[SST04.1] Explore together (Indoor): Pour, spray, and pump
[SST04.1] Watch: Water resources
[SST04.1] Let's learn letters together: Finding letters ("Nn") and the word Water
[SST04.1] Review
[SST04.1] Family Connection