WHY STEMsmart™?

A "Super Expert Assistant" to create and implement a unique STEM curriculum for your preschool children



STEMsmart™ Curriculum, with Teaching Guides and Weekly Webinars, makes implementation easier, and the students' learning experience becomes more exciting than ever.


Parent Letters, with a clear explanation of all the learning activities, and guidance as to how to support their children at home, will convince even the most discerning parents.


Reports monitoring the level of interaction of all teachers, and a dedicated community will help principals to manage academic activities of their preschools more effectively.


Thanks to technology solutions and leveraging the sharing economy, you have a full suite of unique programs and materials, for a monthly fee that is only a fraction of a principal's salary.


Principals and teachers have access to a secure and confidential platform, you don't need to worry about your valuable data being leaked to your competitors.


STEMchatAI, an intelligent chatbot with powerful artificial intelligence and a friendly interface, will help your teachers customize the STEMsmart program to the needs of each classroom.



Early childhood education market is constantly changing: Education trends change, and in big cities, the competitive environment becomes fierce. Are you ready for the competition?



The search for solutions to manage the quality of teaching and learning in preschools


Difficulties in implementing STEM education for preschool children

When implementing any STEM curriculum, preschool teachers often encounter the following obstacles: (1) Difficulty in switching from traditional teaching to active, student centric teaching methods; (2) Lack of confidence in handling science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts, and not knowing how to bring these concepts to preschool children in a way appropriate to their age and cognitive capacity, and (3) Lack of high quality references relating to STEM education in preschools in local languages. 


Curriculum is the key to the quality of teaching and learning

A good curriculum helps create an optimal learning experience for children, whilst ensuring stability and consistency in the quality of learning and teaching. Without a good curriculum, even the best teachers will struggle to achieve excellent results. Meanwhile, a poorly designed curriculum can have a negative impact on the quality of learning and teaching. This negative effect is especially evident when preschools and childcare groups employ relatively inexperienced and under qualified teachers.


What is a high quality early childhood curriculum?

Experts from international leading accreditation organisations such as NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and the HighScope Educational Research Foundation, recommended to evaluate preschool curricula based on a checklist of four criteria: (1) The consistency between theoretical and practical foundation, (2) The compatibility with local culture and community values, (3) The holistic coverage of all areas of children development, and (4) The flexibility in responding to children's need of development.

Getting Started with your SubHub Trial

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Should preschools and childcare centres develop their own STEM lesson plans?

In order to manage the quality of teaching and learning, each country has its own regulations on the framework of the preschool education programme with the requirements for the outcomes to be achieved according to each age. On that basis, preschool educational institutions develop plans and develop programmes to suit the culture, local conditions, the school, the child's abilities and needs. Developing programmes and teaching plans with a STEM approach requires schools to invest a lot of valuable resources if they do not want to compromise on quality, but can become wasted when the number of children benefiting is not large enough.


Knowledge and best practice in early childhood education 

The STEMsmart™ curriculum is built on the knowledge and best practice of early childhood education, with this vision preparing children to enter an unpredictable world in the 21st century, where collaboration and innovation are the norm, and growth and entrepreneurial mindsets are the driving force of society. 

The STEMsmart™ preschool programme offers a child centered learning experience, with children led by questions, games, and real world projects that will have lasting positive effects on every child's life.


Result of years of researching, testing, and implementation

STEMsmart™ is the result of a process of research, development, and application spanning many years, from a pilot project with a few dozen students in a small preschool, to widespread adoption across thousands of children, and has already brought about tangible changes to children, families, and teachers alike. 


A comprehensive solution for professional development

Unlike programmes or lesson plans that are collected, printed, and distributed widely in the market, STEMsmart™ is not simply a set of materials left to school owners and teachers. 

Thanks to the power of technology, STEMsmart™ creates a safe and closed academic ecosystem, from teacher training via online courses, to weekly webinars to answer questions of the week, and an active community helps the school with centralised professional management. STEMsmart™ is a complete set of solutions to strengthen team capacity in a sustainable way.



The Power of STEMsmart™ "Professional Assistants"


In children's learning attitudes

Well implemented and exciting STEM projects will trigger in children the love for learning, helping them to form a deep learning approach and sound learning method, which is a good foundation for children's success in the future.

In parents' perceptions about your preschool

Parents will become more engaged, and spend more time with your preschool's activities in support of their children, show their respect to your teachers, and be grateful for the changes that you are making.

In saving lesson planning time for teachers

Your principal and each of your teachers will save at least 2 hours every week, instead of surfing the internet to look for random learning activities. This motivates and incentivises your teachers to perform better.

In rising teachers' self esteem and professionalism

There will be no more challenges in the recruitment of teachers: You will have a new generation of teachers who are proud of their profession, eager for self improvement, and dedicated to children's learning.


1.500.000 VND/year

The course provides the best STEM teaching and learning knowledge and practices, helping you to confidently introduce the STEMsmart™ education programme into your preschool classroom, and giving your children life changing learning experiences.



11.000.000 VND/year

A collection of dozens of topics and STEM oriented learning projects help children develop language skills, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and the ability to work collaboratively and creatively.



220.000 VND/month

An intelligent chatbot with powerful artificial intelligence and a friendly interface, helps teachers customize the STEMsmart preschool program by age, learning goals, and learning topics each week.



13.200.000 VND/year

Huge online library of thousands of carefully curated, themed, and translated materials, including access to STEMsmart™ Courses, Programmes, and Journals.




How do I sign up for STEMsmart™ access?

You can register to access the Course "STEM Education in Kindergarten", the STEMsmart™ Preschool Program, the STEMsmart™ Journal or the STEMsmart™ Library under different membership packages by clicking on the Sign In box. sign right at the end of the Fee Schedule section. You can also visit the Booth to search for individual equipment and learning materials.

How does STEMsmart™ charge?

To become a STEMsmart™ member, you will pay a recurring fee, and follow the instructions on the page for the respective membership plans. You can also subscribe to and pay for individual devices and learning materials in the Booth. If you need to register by school unit to enjoy the preferential fee, please send an email to admin@stemsmart.net 

Can I download library materials to my computer?

Some learning materials that need to be printed out, will be available for users to download. Other learning materials cannot be downloaded. The system is designed to prevent copying, and the user's access history is saved to protect the copyright of Educe Vietnam Education Services Joint Stock Company.

Can I stop using the service midway?

You can register to use the service for the time period you choose when you sign up for an account. The account usage fee is not refundable when you stop using the service midway, but may be reserved in force majeure situations (for example, school or children group is temporarily closed due to war, natural disaster, accidents, fires, epidemics, etc.). Please send your help request to admin@stemsmart.net 

Can I request a refund of the fee paid?

Service fees for using STEMsmart™ are non refundable.

Can I allow multiple people to use the same account?

The system does not allow multiple users to access it at the same time. If you need more than one teacher to access your STEMsmart™ account, send a request to admin@stemsmart.net to buy services according to the school package and enjoy preferential rates.

Do I get a discount when I sign up for multiple facilities?

Sure. We have special offers if you buy multiple user accounts for multiple facilities. Please send your request to admin@stemsmart.net 


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