[STEMsmart] Sprouts
[STEMsmart] Sprouts
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 47 Lessons

During the first week of the lesson, the child will explore the plants outside and plant some seeds and bulbs. Children begin to notice the similarities and differences between plants. Children will:

  • Explore outdoor plants to learn more about the diverse world of plants, and their parts
  • Plant peas, grass seeds, and observe
  • Planting onions, and observing
  • Listen to stories related to the subject to understand more about the growth process of plants and connect with your experience of planting seeds, and planting trees
  • Get acquainted with the letter Hh, the sound /h/, and the word Seed
[STEMsmart] Watch It Grow
[STEMsmart] Watch It Grow
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 41 Lessons

During this week, children will learn about seeds and plants; Look inside fruits for seeds. Children will:

  • Observe and record changes in the seeds and bulbs your child has planted
  • Using non standard measuring tools to measure plant growth
  • Create a bar chart to track plant growth
  • Listen to themed stories to learn about the growth of seeds and plants
  • Get acquainted with the letter Vv, the sound /v/, and the word Garden
[STEMsmart] Plant Needs
[STEMsmart] Plant Needs
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 43 Lessons

During this week, children will continue to learn about plants and the basic needs of living things. Children will: 

  • Learn the basic needs of plants
  • Explore indoor and outdoor plants
  • Continue to observe, measure, and record plant growth
  • Hear stories related to the topic, and learn how a family grows and maintains a garden, the effects of worms on plants, and the interactions between organisms to meet their needs
  • Get acquainted with the letter Gg, the sound /g/, and the word worm