[STEMsmart] Sprouts

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 47 Lessons


During the first week of the lesson, the child will explore the plants outside and plant some seeds and bulbs. Children begin to notice the similarities and differences between plants. Children will:

  • Explore outdoor plants to learn more about the diverse world of plants, and their parts
  • Plant peas, grass seeds, and observe
  • Planting onions, and observing
  • Listen to stories related to the subject to understand more about the growth process of plants and connect with your experience of planting seeds, and planting trees
  • Get acquainted with the letter Hh, the sound /h/, and the word Seed
Course Content

General guidance

[SST06.1] Overview
[SST06.1] Learning Outcomes
[SST06.1] Webinar Recording (Video 01:24:14)
[SST06.1] Letter to Parents
[SST06.1] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST06.1] Welcome song: “Parts of a tree”
[SST06.1] Let's chat: Getting to know plants
[SST06.1] Let's Explore (Outdoor): Observing plants outdoors
[SST06.1] Watch: “Explore Small Spaces”
[SST06.1] Read together: Carrot seeds
[SST06.1] Let's Play: Sowing seeds
[SST06.1] Playing with words: Simon says “Sound /h/”
[SST06.1] Let's learn letters: Writing on sandpaper ("Hh")
[SST06.1] Connect with family

Day 2

[SST06.1] Welcome song: “Parts of a tree”
[SST06.1] Let's chat: Learn more about plants
[SST06.1] Let's explore (Outdoor): Plants on the ground
[SST06.1] Small Group Activity: Parts of a Plant
[SST06.1] Watch: "Carrot seeds"
[SST06.1] Let's learn letters: Hop hop, around the letter H
[SST06.1] Playing with words: What sounds do we hear?
[SST06.1] Connect with family

Day 3

[SST06.1] Welcome song: “Parts of a tree”
[SST06.1] Let's chat: Plants and roots
[SST06.1] Let's Explore (Indoor): Getting to Know the Seeds
[SST06.1] Watch: “Experiment with Seeds”
[SST06.1] Small group activity: Planting trees
[SST06.1] Draw and write together: “Our bean tree” chart
[SST06.1] Read together: Bean Sid
[SST06.1] Let's learn letters together: Sound bag /h/

Day 4

[SST06.1] Welcome song: “Parts of a tree”
[SST06.1] Let's chat: Vegetables
[SST06.1] Let's Explore (Indoor): Different types of tubers
[SST06.1] Small group activity: Growing onions
[SST06.1] Read together: Bean Sid
[SST06.1] Watch: “Wise hen: Things that can grow”
[SST06.1] Draw and write together: If I plant a seed
[SST06.1] Play with letters: Alphabet puzzle (/h/)

Day 5

[SST06.1] Welcome song: “Parts of a tree”
[SST06.1] Let's chat: Review seeds and plants
[SST06.1] Let's Explore (Indoor): Grass Seeds
[SST06.1] Read together: Teacher's choice
[SST06.1] Watch: “Peep sows seeds”
[SST06.1] Let's Play: Seeds, Seeds, Germination!
[SST06.1] Let's learn letters together: The letter Hh and the word "Seed"
[SST06.1] Summary
[SST06.1] Connect with family