[STEMsmart] Rolling and Sliding
[STEMsmart] Rolling and Sliding
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 43 Lessons

During the first week of lessons, children will begin to discover how objects roll and slide down an inclined plane or ramp. Children will:

  • Discover the different ways an object can roll or slide down a ramp
  • Build your own ramp, and watch what happens when different objects roll or slide down the ramp
  • Get familiar with antonyms, like, up and down
  • Listen to and watch themed stories to familiarise yourself with the concept of rolling and sliding, and learn the benefits of ramps to people
  • Let's review the words "Vv", "Vv"; sound /d/, /d/; from Ramps and Soars
[STEMsmart] Building Ramps
[STEMsmart] Building Ramps
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 44 Lessons

During this week, children will build their ramps and learn the motion of objects down the ramp. Children will:

  • Recognising how the shape of an object affects whether the object rolls, slides, or stays still
  • Observe how far the tilt affects the rolling object
  • Watch objects roll faster and farther than others
  • Observe different moving objects when dropped from ramps with different slopes, when leaving the ramp, and when colliding with another object
  • Recognise that sliding objects are easier to maneuver on steeper surfaces, and both sliding and rolling objects move faster down steeper surfaces
  • Learn the uses of ramps for people
  • Listen to, and watch themed videos to learn more about ramps
  • Develop social and emotional abilities through activities, and play in small and large groups
  • Get familiar with the letter “Ll”, the sound /l/, and the word Up
[STEMsmart] Faster, Farther
[STEMsmart] Faster, Farther
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 50 Lessons

During this week, children will explore ramps with different surfaces, textures, and see what happens to rolling objects as the slope of the ramp increases. Children will:

  • Compare the motion of objects on different surfaces
  • Build ramps, and find out what happens when ramps get steeper
  • Listen to themed stories to learn more about ramps, and the use of wheels for people
  • Develop social emotional skills when working in groups of two or more people to build ramps
  • Get familiar with the letters “Xx” and “Dđ” in the words “Down” and “Motor”
[STEMsmart] Roads and Intersections
[STEMsmart] Roads and Intersections
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 40 Lessons

During this week, children will learn about movement. Children will:

  • Forming perceptions of near and far distances
  • Recognise the importance of mobility in modern life, and the different ways of moving
  • Classification of traffic environments, and means of transport by land, water, rail, and air
  • Realise what makes vehicles move through real experiments
  • Learn how to design roads and intersections that are safe for users
  • Recognise the importance of safe mobility and how to move safely 
[STEMsmart] Vehicles of Tomorrow
[STEMsmart] Vehicles of Tomorrow
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 42 Lessons

During this week, children will learn about technology and future mobility. Children will:

  • Synthesise common understanding and classification of today's land, water, and air vehicles
  • Learn the history of the development of transportation technology (Some means of transportation from the past to the present)
  • Compare and evaluate advantages and disadvantages of some means of transportation
  • Learn about the evolution of mobility through the new modes of transportation that are shaping the future
  • Identify what makes the vehicles of the future special and different from the vehicles of the present
  • Come up with new ideas for ​​​​inventing future means of transport