[STEMsmart] My Country's Dragon
[STEMsmart] My Country's Dragon
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 32 Lessons

During this week of the program, children will learn about the Vietnamese dragon image, its meaning, and use in Vietnamese culture from the past to present. Children will:

  • Listen to the story about the origin of the dragon image, as well as its meaning in Vietnamese culture;
  • Learn songs expressing national pride and mission of the Dragon Fairy race;
  • Continue to familiarise yourself with letters, familiarise yourself with the word DRAGON through a puzzle game. Pronounce the difficult letter “R”;
  • Listen to the story by theme and review the concept of legend. Learn the connections between stories;
  • Discover the image of the Dragon in Vietnamese culture, in decorative arts, sculpture, embroidery, and dance art.
[STEMsmart] North - Central - South
[STEMsmart] North - Central - South
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 35 Lessons

During this week of the programme, children will learn about the three regions of the North - Central - South, weather characteristics, climate, and famous tourist sites in the three regions, and the geographical location of Vietnam. Children will:

  • Learn about determining the direction of East, West, South, North, sunrise, and sunset;
  • Learn to use simple maps and diagrams, introduce some major cities in the North, Central, and South regions;
  • Discover some famous landmarks in three regions, pictures of specialty dishes;
  • Creation of traditional costumes, royal costumes, and typical costumes of the three regions;
  • Listen to the themed story to learn the history and significance of Turtle Tower in Hanoi, Vietnam.
[STEMsmart] Independence Day
[STEMsmart] Independence Day
1,000,000 VND 6 sections 29 Lessons

During this week of the curriculum, children will learn about Independence Day, the meaning of Independence Day, and activities to celebrate September 2nd. In addition, children also learn about Uncle Ho, Uncle Ho's mausoleum, and learn the national anthem of Vietnam.

  • Children discover together the National Day of the nation, the meaning of the National Day, and watch the video about the Military Parade and fireworks to celebrate September 2, 9 (2015th anniversary of the founding of the country) ;
  • Children create together and learn the meaning of the Vietnamese flag. Thereby, learn more about the flags of some other countries in the world, and review the knowledge about the continents;
  • Children learn the national anthem of Vietnam, and feel patriotism and national pride;
  • Children explore Uncle Ho's Mausoleum, Fish Pond, and the stilt house where Uncle used to live to learn more about Uncle;
  • Children listen to stories by topic to better understand Uncle Ho, and to love and respect Uncle Ho more.