[STEMsmart] Vehicles of Tomorrow

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 42 Lessons


During this week, children will learn about technology and future mobility. Children will:

  • Synthesise common understanding and classification of today's land, water, and air vehicles
  • Learn the history of the development of transportation technology (Some means of transportation from the past to the present)
  • Compare and evaluate advantages and disadvantages of some means of transportation
  • Learn about the evolution of mobility through the new modes of transportation that are shaping the future
  • Identify what makes the vehicles of the future special and different from the vehicles of the present
  • Come up with an idea of ​​​​inventing future means of transport
Course Content

General guidance

[SST07.5] Overview
[SST07.5] Learning Outcomes
[SST07.5] Webinar Recording (Video 01:25:28)
[SST07.5] Letter to Parents
[SST07.5] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST07.5] Sing together: Tiny train
[SST07.5] Let's chat: What do you like to travel with?
[SST07.5] Let's explore: Means of transportation past and present?
[SST07.5] Let's play: Chasing pictures to catch words
[SST07.5] Small group activity: Sort the means of transport from the pictures
[SST07.5] Together: Run Fast – Stop
[SST07.5] Let's create together: Favourite vehicle painting
[SST07.5] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST07.5] Let's sing together: "Let's fly!"
[SST07.5] Let's play: Red light - Green light
[SST07.5] Let's chat: Future means of transportation
[SST07.5] Let's explore: Self driving cars
[SST07.5] Let's explore: Flying cars
[SST07.5] Let's explore: Jetpack
[SST07.5] Small group activity: A drawing of your child's personal transport in the future
[SST07.5] Small group activity: Making a model of a personal vehicle of the future
[SST07.5] Math: Connecting airplane numbers

Day 3

[SST07.5] Sing together: Tiny train
[SST07.5] Let's Play: Express Train
[SST07.5] Let's explore: Airship
[SST07.5] Small group activity: Making a balloon car
[SST07.5] Let's Explore: Hyperloop
[SST07.5] Small Group Activity: Moving on a Magnetic Track
[SST07.5] Small group work: Hyperloop design team
[SST07.5] Let's learn letters: Alphabet train

Day 4

[SST07.5] Let's sing together: "Let's fly!"
[SST07.5] Watch: Super Rescue Squad
[SST07.5] Let's Explore: Drone
[SST07.5] Let's explore: Fire truck
[SST07.5] Let's explore: Police flying car
[SST07.5] Small Group Operation: Future Emergency Service Teams
[SST07.5] Let's Learn Alphabets: The Alphabet Train (continued)

Day 5

[SST07.5] Working together: Zoom, zoom, we go to the moon together
[SST07.5] Let's explore: SpaceX's reusable rocket
[SST07.5] Small Group Activity: Future Traffic Map
[SST07.5] Summary: Future mobility technology exhibition
[SST07.5] Family Connection