[STEMsmart] North - Central - South

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 35 Lessons


During this week of the programme, children will learn about the three regions of the North - Central - South, weather characteristics, climate, and famous tourist sites in the three regions, and the geographical location of Vietnam. Children will:

  • Learn about determining the direction of East, West, South, North, sunrise, and sunset;
  • Learn to use simple maps and diagrams, introduce some major cities in the North, Central, and South regions;
  • Discover some famous landmarks in three regions, pictures of specialty dishes;
  • Creation of traditional costumes, royal costumes, and typical costumes of the three regions;
  • Listen to the themed story to learn the history and significance of Turtle Tower in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Course Content

General guidance

[SST03.2] Overview
[SST03.2] Learning Outcomes
[SST03.2] Webinar Recording (Video 01:23:44)
[SST03.2] Letter to Parents
[SST03.2] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST03.2] Sing together: Four directions
[SST03.2] Play together: East West South North
[SST03.2] Let's explore: Vietnam map
[SST03.2] Let's explore: Big or small? Long or short? Wide or narrow?
[SST03.2] Co creation: Map of three regions of Vietnam
[SST03.2] Let's learn a word: VIETNAM

Day 2

[SST03.2] Watch: Welcome to Vietnam
[SST03.2] Let's discuss: Weather of the three regions
[SST03.2] Co creation: Three region weather map
[SST03.2] Let's explore: Vietnamese traditional costumes through the ages
[SST03.2] Co creation: Vietnamese Ao Dai

Day 3

[SST03.2] Sing together: I love the capital
[SST03.2] Let's explore: Travel to the North
[SST03.2] Watch: The Legend of Sword Lake
[SST03.2] Let's Create: Turtle Tower
[SST03.2] Let's create together: A book about Hanoi
[SST03.2] Acting together: The Legend of Sword Lake

Day 4

[SST03.2] Play together: East West South North
[SST03.2] Let's explore: Hue Ancient Capital
[SST03.2] Co creation: Hue royal costume
[SST03.2] Acting together: Royal fashion show
[SST03.2] Creative hour: Decorate Hue hats

Day 5

[SST03.2] Watch: Here is my wisdom
[SST03.2] Let's Explore: The South
[SST03.2] Let's create together: Fruit trees
[SST03.2] Let's explore: Floating market
[SST03.2] Let's explore: My hometown
[SST03.2] Let's create together: Binding fringes for Southern bandanas
[SST03.2] Summary: Map of Vietnam
[SST03.2] Connecting Family and School