[STEMsmart] Money and Business

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 40 Lessons


During this week of the learning program, children will learn about the currency of Vietnam, and some other countries, learn where money is produced, and learn how to use their money with 3 pipes of Spend - Saving - Share:

  • Children recognise the notes in circulation in Vietnam, distinguish the front and back of the bill as well as the image printed on it.
  • Reviewing geographical knowledge about places in the North, Central and South, continents and oceans in the world by learning the origin of some foreign currencies
  • Children can watch themed videos to learn about production, and recognise the concepts of Earn - Spend - Save - Share
  • Children learn to spend money rationally, and "make money", and learn to divide money into 3 piles, Spending - Saving - Sharing
  • Children have initial awareness of business profession, the role of entrepreneurs and customers
  • Identify the elements necessary to open a store, and plan to open a store or business including: name, product, uniform, store decoration, ...
  • Recognise the concept of advertising, and design your own business card/flyer to introduce your store.
Course Content

General guidance

[SST10.3] Overview
[SST10.3] Learning Outcomes
[SST10.3] Webinar Recording (Video 01:16:54)
[SST10.3] Letter to Parents
[SST10.3] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST10.3] Sing together: Tien Quan Ca (Vietnam's national anthem)
[SST10.3] Let's discuss: Vietnam Dong - Vietnam Dong
[SST10.3] Let's Play: Treasure Hunt
[SST10.3] Let's explore: Head, tail, front - back
[SST10.3] Co creation: Vietnam Dong
[SST10.3] Let's explore: Places on Vietnam Money
[SST10.3] Let's create together: Money bag

Day 2

[SST10.3] Sing together: This earth is ours
[SST10.3] Let's explore: Currencies of countries around the world
[SST10.3] Let's play: Exchange money
[SST10.3] Watch: Peppa Pig Goes to the market
[SST10.3] Watch: Cha - ching: Earn - Spend - Save - Share
[SST10.3] Let's create XNUMX piles together: Spend - Save - Share
[SST10.3] Let's Play: Smart Consumers

Day 3

[SST10.3] Watch: Cha-ching: Saving for Success
[SST10.3] Let's create together: Passbook
[SST10.3] Watch together: Cha-ching: Contingency
[SST10.3] Small group activities: Charity plan
[SST10.3] Watch: Bunny Money
[SST10.3] Watch: Peppa Pig: Shopping
[SST10.3] Let's Create Together: Financial Goal Poster

Day 4

[SST10.3] Explore together (outdoor): Visit the store
[SST10.3] Read together: Corduroy Bear
[SST10.3] Watch: Cha-ching: Gotta make money
[SST10.3] Play Game: Earn Money
[SST10.3] Let's learn words: Store name
[SST10.3] Let's create together: Shop signs

Day 5

[SST10.3] Let's explore: What do customers want?
[SST10.3] Let's make a plan: Open a store
[SST10.3] Watch: Cha-ching: Entrepreneur
[SST10.3] Let's create together: A business card for your shop
[SST10.3] Let's create together: Store uniforms
[SST10.3] Let's Play: Fair
[SST10.3] Summary: Fund Make Money - Spend Money - Save - Share
[SST10.3] Connect with family