Terms and Conditions


1. Payment:

Follow the instructions on the checkout page for the product/service you're interested in. If you are in Vietnam, please choose VND as payment. If you are abroad, you can choose to pay in USD and pay via the corresponding payment page on the STEMsmart site.

A VAT invoice will be emailed to you at the email address you use to contact us.

2. Stop using the service midway and refund the fee:

You can register to use the service for any period of time you choose when you sign up for an account. The account usage fee is not refundable when you stop using the service midway, but can be reserved in force majeure situations (for example, school or children group is temporarily closed due to war, natural disaster, accidents, fires, epidemics, etc.). Please send your help request to admin@stemsmart.net 

3. Returns:

  • Services provided by STEMsmart™, for example, an information package or digital service, are non refundable.
  • STEM devices provided by STEMsmart™ on the basis of agency contracts, distribution contracts with partners, can be exchanged and guaranteed according to the conditions of each individual purchase contract. Please send your request to admin@stemsmart.net order and get the support you need.

4. Other conditions of use:

Learn more about other conditions of use in the FAQs on the STEMsmart™ home page.