[STEMsmart] The Moon

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 38 Lessons


This week, children will learn about the Moon:

  • Learn the structure and shape of the Moon
  • Recognise that the Moon has different phases/cycles
  • Learn about the Earth, Moon, and Sun motion systems
  • Recognise the role of the Moon, life on Earth when there is a Moon
  • Read and watch stories and videos about the Moon
  • Review the letter Mm, the sound /m/, and the word Moon.
Course Content

General guidance

[SST09.2] Overview
[SST09.2] Learning Outcomes
[SST09.2] Webinar Recording (Video 01:23:34)
[SST09.2] Letter to Parents
[SST09.2] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST09.2] Sing together: Dance and sing under the moon
[SST09.2] Let's chat: Where is the Moon?
[SST09.2] Watch: “Playing with the ball” (“Shadow Play”)
[SST09.2] Working together: Moon, Sun and Earth
[SST09.2] Let's create together: Model Earth - Moon - Sun
[SST09.2] Let's Play: Going from Earth to Moon
[SST09.2] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST09.2] Sing together: Moonlight of peace
[SST09.2] Let's chat: Exploring the Moon
[SST09.2] Together Creation: The Surface of the Moon
[SST09.2] Co creation: Rocks on the Moon
[SST09.2] Let's explore: Exploring the Moon
[SST09.2] Let's Play: Moon Hole
[SST09.2] Read a book together

Day 3

[SST09.2] Physical Activity: “Day or Night?” Game?
[SST09.2] Let's chat: Why is there day and night?
[SST09.2] Let's explore: Day and Night
[SST09.2] Co creating: The album Day and Night on Earth
[SST09.2] Let's play: What do you do during the day, what do you do at night?
[SST09.2] Storytelling: The Tale of Day and Night

Day 4

[SST09.2] Working together: Jumping into the circle
[SST09.2] Let's explore: Moon phases
[SST09.2] Let's Explore: Under the Moonlight
[SST09.2] Watch: “Dad, get the Moon for me!”
[SST09.2] Co creation: Moon phases
[SST09.2] Read poetry together: Bright moon in my yard

Day 5

[SST09.2] Let's exercise together: Dance to the rhythm of the poem Bright Moon in my yard
[SST09.2] Co creation: Space Exploration
[SST09.2] Watch: “Peppa Pig explores the Moon”
[SST09.2] Co creation: Model rocket/spaceship
[SST09.2] Let's explore together: Travel to the Milky Way
[SST09.2] Summary
[SST09.2] Family Connection