[STEMsmart] Prehistoric times

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 36 Lessons


This week, your child will learn a topic about Prehistoric Man. Children will:

  • Discover the names, characteristics, activities, living places of prehistoric people;
  • Children discover symmetry, shapes, numbers, and spatial and temporal orientation in the past and present after exploring tools, living places, and characteristics of prehistoric people;
  • Children will learn techniques of stone carving, crafting rudimentary labor tools, saving fossil samples;
  • Develop children's vocabulary about prehistoric people's life, working tools, words indicating time, words indicating "symmetrical" mathematical concepts;
  • Children will be able to create fossil samples, fossil specimens, create costumes of prehistoric people, create tools for prehistoric people;
  • Play prehistoric games: pepper throwing, basket picking, prehistoric dance, percussion and clapping;
  • Children learn how to be safe when using work tools and apply them directly to safety when participating in daily work and study.
Course Content

General guidance

[SST11.2] Overview
[SST11.2] Learning Outcomes
[SST11.2] Webinar Recording (Video 01:26:36)
[SST11.2] Letter to Parents
[SST11.2] Idea board

Day 1

[SST11.2] Welcome Song: “Footsteps of Prehistoric Man” #1
[SST11.2] Watch “How did the first humans live?”
[SST11.2] Let's explore: Which object and which period?
[SST11.2] Co-creation: Prehistoric man family hat
[SST11.2] Read and learn letters together: Read the book “Prehistoric stories”
[SST11.2] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST11.2] Welcome Song: “Footsteps of Prehistoric Man” #2
[SST11.2] Let's chat: What stone, for what?
[SST11.2] Watch: Labor tools and weapons of prehistoric people
[SST11.2] Small group activity: Get creative with cobblestone
[SST11.2] Crafted together: Dandelion
[SST11.2] Working together: Finding my other half
[SST11.2] Family Connection

Day 3

[SST11.2] Welcome Song: “Ten Little Indians”
[SST11.2] Working together: Fishing
[SST11.2] Let's chat: Food of prehistoric people
[SST11.2] Let's create together: The basket of prehistoric children
[SST11.2] Read together: “Cave Baby”
[SST11.2] Family Connection

Day 4

[SST11.2] Welcome Song: “Ten Little Indians” #2
[SST11.2] Let's chat: What season, that outfit
[SST11.2] Watch: "Prehistoric"
[SST11.2] Let's create together: Prehistoric kid costume
[SST11.2] Group activities: Footprints of prehistoric humans
[SST11.2] Family Connection

Day 5

[SST11.2] Welcome Song: “Ten Little Indians” #3
[SST11.2] Let's explore (indoors): The house of prehistoric times
[SST11.2] Small Group Activity: Prehistoric Man's House
[SST11.2] Read together: "Prehistoric stories"
[SST11.2] Summary: The Archaeologist's Handbook
[SST11.2] Family Connection