[STEMsmart] Jurassic Park

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 37 Lessons


This week, children will learn about the theme of Jurassic Park. 

  • Children will learn, recognize fossils and make their own fossils. Children will be very curious and learn about the end of the dinosaur age in the ice age;
  • Children will use their senses to dig dinosaur bones. After that, the children will group the objects they find by similar characteristics and make presentations about the results they find;
  • Children will do experiments to show how dinosaurs eat;
  • Children will recognize the letter "D" in the word Dinosaur (English), the letter "K" in the word "dinosaur", "archaeology";
  • Children will also listen to books about dinosaurs together;
  • Children will paint in simple lines and curves. Children will begin to practice writing when they draw and write about their favorite dinosaur stories;
  • Children will create movements through music to imitate the actions of dinosaurs;
  • Children will use life-size objects or familiar animals to demonstrate understanding of the true size of a dinosaur.
Course Content

General guidance

[SST11.1] Overview
[SST11.1] Learning Outcomes
[SST11.1] Webinar Recording (Video 01:24:26)
[SST11.1] Letter to Parents
[SST11.1] Idea board

Day 1

[SST11.1] Welcome Song: “Ten Little Dinosaurs” #1
[SST11.1] Let's chat: What do you know about dinosaurs
[SST11.1] Read a book together: Fossils tell stories of the past
[SST11.1] Let's Explore (indoors): Tiny Archaeologist
[SST11.1] Watch: What happened to the dinosaurs
[SST11.1] Together Creation: Dinosaur Fossils
[SST11.1] Family Connection: Letter to Family

Day 2

[SST11.1] Welcome song: “Ten little dinosaurs” #2
[SST11.1] Let's chat: What lays eggs? What gives birth?
[SST11.1] Read together: "Fossils tell stories of the past"
[SST11.1] Co-creation: Fossils
[SST11.1] Read together: "Dinosaur"
[SST11.1] Let's explore (indoor): What did dinosaurs eat?
[SST11.1] Let's learn letters: Dinosaur feet

Day 3

[SST10.1] Welcome song: “Ten little dinosaurs” #3
[SST10.1] Explore together (indoors): Is it a dinosaur?
[SST10.1] Read the story together: “Patrick's Dinosaur”
[SST10.1] Let's explore (outside the yard): As big as what/what animal? Small as what/what?
[SST10.1] Let's play: Who's keeping the fossils?
[SST10.1] Let's Create: Dinosaur Park

Day 4

[SST10.1] Welcome song: “Ten little dinosaurs” #4
[SST10.1] Working together: Escape from tyrannosaurs
[SST10.1] Read together: "Dinosaur"
[SST10.1] Group activities: Jurassic Newsletter
[SST10.1] Read together: "Danny and his dinosaur friends"
[SST10.1] Co-creation: Dinosaur friends

Day 5

[SST10.1] Welcome song: “Ten little dinosaurs” #5
[SST10.1] Explore together (indoors): Save dinosaurs from frost
[SST10.1] Group activity: Classifying and arranging dinosaurs
[SST10.1] Read the story together: “Danny and his dinosaur friends”
[SST10.1] Co-creation: Adventure with dinosaur friends
[SST10.1] Summary: Jurassic Bulletin