[STEMsmart] Around the World

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 31 Lessons


To prepare them to be future global citizens, this week they will experience a trip around the world. Children will: 

  • Know the characteristics and role of passports, know how to use passports when traveling abroad
  • Know the names and uses of the necessary items when traveling
  • Know the names and locations of the continents in the world, distinguish the different climate characteristics on the continents
  • Develop emotional and social abilities because they will:
    • Know how to respect the difference
    • Start learning how to cooperate with your travel group friends
    • Learn safety skills when traveling
Course Content

General guidance

[SST11.4] Overview
[SST11.4] Learning Outcomes
[SST11.4] Webinar Recording (Video 01:23:27)
[SST11.4] Letter to Parents
[SST11.4] Idea board

Day 1

[SS11.4] Opening Song: “Travel Around the World”
[SST11.4] Let's chat: Travel the world
[SST1.4] Let's explore: World travel map
[SST11.4] Group activities: Travel planning
[SST11.4] Create together (in class): My passport
[SST11.4] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST11.4] Opening Song: “Travel Around the World” #2
[SST11.4] Let's chat: Organize your travel supplies
[SST11.4] Creating Together: Making a Suitcase
[SST11.4] Exploring Together (in the classroom): Hit the road!
[SST11.4] Read a book together: “We are all colors”

Day 3

[T11.4] Opening Song: “Travel Around the World”
[SST11.4] Chat together: Making friends
[SST11.4] Let's Explore (In Class): World Topographic Map
[SST11.4] Let's Explore (In Class): World Political Map
[SST11.4] Read the story together: “We sing together”

Day 4

[SST11.4] Opening Song: “This Earth Is Ours”
[SST11.4] Let's chat: Climate on Earth
[SST11.4] Let's create together: A picture of the weather world
[SST11.4] Drawing and Writing Together: Weather and Feelings
[SS11.4] Read together: Whoever you are

Day 5

[SST11.4] Opening Song: “This Earth Is Ours”
[SST11.4] Let's discuss: What scares the baby?
[SST11.4] Co-creation (In class): Peace message
[SST11.4] Reading together: “How did my parents learn to eat?”
[SST11.4] Summary: New World Magazine