[STEMsmart] Stars and Constellations

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 41 Lessons


In this lesson, children will learn about stars and their characteristics. Children will:

  • Review a familiar star in the universe: The Sun
  • Recognise the shape, characteristics of stars, classification of stars
  • Explain why the stars are blinking
  • Get to know some constellations
  • Distinguishing stars and planets in the Solar System
  • Learn about comets and meteors
Course Content

General guidance

[SST09.3] Overview
[SST09.3] Learning Outcomes
[SST09.3] Webinar Recording (Video 01:20:23)
[SST09.3] Letter to Parents
[SST09.3] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST09.3] Welcome song: Counting stars
[SST09.3] Working together: I'm a star
[SST09.3] Let's explore: The stars in the sky
[SST09.3] Let's Play: Go to the Stars
[SST09.3] Let's Play: Find Stars
[SST09.3] Small group activity: Star classification
[SST09.3] Let's create together: A picture of the stars
[SST09.3] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST09.3] Welcome song: “Counting the stars”
[SST09.3] Let's explore: Peep and friends observe the sky
[SST09.3] Let's Explore: The Galaxy
[SST09.3] Let's chat: Sun – Superstar
[SST09.3] Watch: Milky Way
[SST09.3] Co creation: Galaxy Painting
[SST09.3] Co creation: Galaxy in a bottle

Day 3

[SST09.3] Welcome Song: “Sparkling Stars”
[SST09.3] Working together: I'm a star
[SST09.3] Read together: Happy star
[SST09.3] Let's explore: Why do the stars blink?
[SST09.3] Explore: Night Light
[SST09.3] Let's Learn Math: Stars and Numbers
[SST09.3] Let's learn the letters: The letter in our name (“Nn”)

Day 4

[SST09.3] Welcome Song: “Sparkling Stars”
[SST09.3] Watch: Peppa Pig: The Stars
[SST09.3] Watch: What is a constellation?
[SST09.3] Let's explore: Constellations in the sky
[SST09.3] Together (Indoor or Outdoor): Constellations
[SST09.3] Let's Create Together: Next Month's Astronomical Calendar

Day 5

[SST09.3] Welcome song: I'm a star
[SST09.3] Watch: Peppa pig: The stars
[SST09.3] Let's chat: Comets and meteors
[SST09.3] Together Creation: Meteor
[SST09.3] Small Group Activity: Telescope
[SST09.3] Writing together: From the Star and the Star Shape
[SST09.3] Summary
[SST09.3] Family Connection