[STEMsmart] Shape

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 37 Lessons


This topic helps children review basic shapes, learn new shapes, recognize and compare the characteristics and sizes of shapes, become familiar with shapes and working principles of 2D printers, 3D.

  • Children recognize shapes through stories and songs and relate to objects around them;
  • Children explore shapes together in the classroom, at home and in nature;
  • Children learn and review the characteristics of shapes they have learned; familiarize yourself with the concept of cubes; learn the difference between a flat and a cube;
  • Children create works with shapes;
  • Children read "Not a Box" by Antoinette Portis to share her bunnies' rich ideas about what everyone thinks is a box, and "The Shape of My Heart" by Mark Sperring to get used to freehand shapes.
  • Children set up a printing workshop and experience printing to distinguish the operating principles of 2D and 3D printers.
Course Content

General guidance

[SST05.2] Overview
[SST05.2] Learning Outcomes
[SST05.2] Webinar Recording (Video 01:28:49)
[SST05.2] Letter to Parents
[SST05.2] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST05.2] Sing together: "Shape Song"
[SST05.2] Let's go to the playground: Rabbits find a home
[SST05.2] Let's Explore: Shape Hunt
[SST05.2] Read the story together: "Shape for Lunch"
[SST05.2] Explore together (indoor): Secret Shape Box
[SST05.2] Co-creation: Threading
[SST05.2] Let's get creative: Color by shape

Day 2

[SST05.2] Sing together: "Shape Song"
[SST05.2] Let's explore (indoors): Jigsaw puzzle
[SST05.2] Exploring together (outdoor): Finding shapes in nature
[SST05.2] Read the story together: "The demon knows the shape"
[SST05.2] Let's explore: Which picture is big, which picture is small?
[SST05.2] Co-creation: Mosaic (mosaic)

Day 3

[SST05.2] Sing together: "Shape Song"
[SST05.2] Let's go to the playground: Shape
[SST05.2] Quiz: What picture do I have?
[SST05.2] Group Activity: Shape Transformation
[SST05.2] Watch: "My Shape Book"
[SST05.2] Co-creation: Puppet "My Shape Book"

Day 4

[SST05.2] Sing together: "Shape Song"
[SST05.2] Let's explore (indoors): Which shapes roll, which ones slide?
[SST05.2] Explore together (indoors): Break the box
[SST05.2] Watch: "Not a box"
[SST05.2] Read stories together: Ants and Grasshoppers - Tales of shapes
[SST05.2] Let's create together: Cubic bricks
[SST05.2] Small group activity: Build a food warehouse

Day 5

[SST05.2] Sing together: Cube song
[SST05.2] Let's play the game: Flat figure? Cubes?
[SST05.2] Let's Create: Bubble Cubes
[SST05.2] Read the story together: "The shape of my heart"
[SST05.2] Small group activity: Printing workshop
[SST05.2] Connect with family