[STEMsmart] Models

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 36 Lessons


During this week, children will learn and become familiar with the concept of patterns, learn the rules and applications of patterns in life, and create their own unique patterns.

  • Children distinguish between repeating patterns, and ascending and descending patterns;
  • Have the opportunity to recognize, discover, and learn the pattern of patterns in songs, stories, everyday life, and in nature;
  • Children learn the application of models in all areas of life and creatively apply models in the fields of fashion, construction, decoration...;
  • Children practice model creation through exercises to learn the pattern rule and fill in the array of objects on the basis of understanding the pattern rule;
  • Children learn and become familiar with the concept of repeating patterns through the stories Beep beep zoom zoom and Model fish. Children also befriend Lu in the story The Rain Drops and compare Lu's weekday pattern with his or her own pattern of days of the week;
  • Children will listen to books about Pete the Cat with Four Fashionable Buttons, and Sleeping House, to predict the ending by applying the law of ascending and descending patterns.
Course Content

General guidance

[SST05.3] Overview
[SST05.3] Learning Outcomes
[SST05.3] Webinar Recording (Video 01:24:09)
[SST05.3] Letter to Parents
[SST05.3] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST05.3] Welcome Song: "Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes"
[SST05.3] Let's go to the playground: Go, dance, go, dance
[SST05.3] Watch: Models are everywhere
[SST05.3] Read the story together: "Beep beep zoom zoom"
[SST05.3] Co-creation: Model Board
[SST05.3] Co-creation: Model Puppet

Day 2

[SST05.3] Let's listen together: "Model song"
[SST05.3] Let's go to the playground: Move in style
[SST05.3] Let's explore: Patterns of time, weather
[SST05.3] Read the story together: "Rain drops a little"
[SST05.3] Let's create together: Patterns in photo frame decoration
[SST05.3] Group Activity: Pattern Coloring

Day 3

[SST05.3] Song: "Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes"
[SST05.3] Watch: Models are everywhere
[SST05.3] Explore together (outdoor): Model hunting – natural model
[SST05.3] Let's read "Model fish friend"
[SST05.3] Co-creation: Model in fashion
[SST05.3] Group activity: Exercise to find missing shapes in the pattern

Day 4

[SST05.3] Sing together: "A little owl"
[SST05.3] Explore together (outdoor): Model hunting – man-made model
[SST05.3] Co-creation: Sound Patterns
[SST05.3] Read the story together: "Pete the cat and the four fashion buttons"
[SST05.3] Co-creation: Model in construction
[SST05.3] Group activity: Ascending, descending model exercise

Day 5

[SST05.3] Sing together: "A little owl"
[SST05.3] Let's go to the playground: Model of sports
[SST05.3] Read the story together: "Night House"
[SST05.3] Storytelling: My Sleeping House
[SST05.3] Co-creation: Extractive Modeling
[SST05.3] Summary: Model Collection
[SST05.3] Connect with family