[STEMsmart] Louvre Museum

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 32 Lessons


This week, children will review what they have learned about colors, shapes and patterns. Children will:

  • Discuss how to display their group's products;
  • Observe and comment on your team's products;
  • Compare product groups;
  • Confidently present about their group's products;
  • Expand the application of products in terms of size, quantity, color, shape.
Course Content

General guidance

[SST05.4] Overview
[SST05.4] Learning Outcomes
[SST05.4] Webinar Recording (Video 01:29:55)
[SST05.4] Letter to Parents
[SST05.4] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST05.4] Welcome song: “The Hello song”
[SST05.4] Let's chat: Louvre Museum
[SST05.4] Let's explore: Vietnam Museum of Nature
[SST05.4] Let's chat: Ideas for the event
[SST05.4] Read together: "Maisy visits the museum"
[SST05.4] Let's co-create: Topic message boards
[SST05.4] Family Connection

Day 2

[STT05.4] Movement to the song: Song in the event
[SST05.4] Let's Explore: Virtual Tour of the Washington Museum of Natural History
[SST05.4] Let's chat: Favorite Gallery
[SST05.4] Small group activities: Map/Map to guide the visit of the event
[SST05.4] Let's create together: Invitation to the event
[SST05.4] Small group activity: Dinosaur model/dinosaur skeleton

Day 3

[SST05.4] Movement to the song: Song in the event
[SST05.4] Let's chat: Review about colors, shapes, patterns
[SST05.4] Let's Explore: New York Math Museum
[SST05.4] Let's create together: Class rules, skill cards
[SST05.4] Play Together: Yes or No?
[SST05.4] Small group activity: Square wheel bicycle model

Day 4

[SST05.4] Movement to the song: Song in the event
[SST05.4] Let's create together: Decorate the display area
[SST05.4] Small group activities: Prepare a family corner
[SST05.4] Presentation booklet: Introducing the products on display

Day 5

[SST05.4] Movement to the song: Song in the event
[SST05.4] Group time: Event rehearsal
[SST05.4] Summary: Visit the Louvre Museum
[SST05.4] Family Connection