[STEMsmart] Color

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This week will open a new topic: "Colorful world". Children will recognize colors, learn to mix colors, observe color changes in nature and in science experiments. Children will also learn the connection between colors and human emotions.

  • Children recognize colors through stories, songs and connect with objects around them;
  • Children explore colors around them in the classroom and in nature;
  • Children conduct interesting science experiments on color and color mixing such as Color Experiment “moving”, Dyeing flowers, dyeing rice… to understand more about colors as well as create their own new colors. me;
  • Children learn about some color phenomena in nature such as autumn yellow leaves, color changing geckos, rainbows... 
Course Content

General guidance

[SST05.1] Overview
[SST05.1] Learning Outcomes
[SST05.1] Webinar Recording (Video 01:33:17)
[SST05.1] Letter to Parents
[SST05.1] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST05.1] Sing together: OK Go (Three main colors)
[SST05.1] Exploring together (in class): Color hunting in the classroom
[SST05.1] Small Group Activity: Color Chart
[SST05.1] Co-creation: Dyeing rice
[SST05.1] Let's create together: Painting with rice
[SST05.1] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST05.1] Sing together: OK Go (Three main colors)
[SST05.1] Explore together (indoor): Color “moving”
[SST05.1] Read the poem "Colors of my love" together
[SST05.1] Watch: "Pete the cat – I like my white shoes"
[SST05.1] Let's create together: Dye flowers
[SST05.1] Small group activity: Color separation from black ink

Day 3

[SST05.1] Sing together: "What's your favorite color?"
[SST05.1] Exercising together (outdoor): Rabbit friends in a dance competition
[SST05.1] Read together: "Your book of colors white rabbit"
[SST05.1] Let's explore: Baby color palette
[SST05.1] Let's create together: Color changing glasses
[SST05.1] Small group activities: Composing abstract paintings

Day 4

[SST05.1] Sing along: What's your favorite color?
[SST05.1] Let's explore (outdoors): Colors of nature
[SST05.1] Let's explore: Color change in nature
[SST05.1] Read together: Falling leaves in autumn
[SST05.1] Together Creation: Autumn Tree
[SST05.1] Read together: A color of my own
[SST05.1] Let's create together: Gecko changes color

Day 5

[SST05.1] Sing along: What's your favorite color?
[SST05.1] Read the story together: Seven Colors of the Rainbow
[SST05.1] Let's explore (outdoor): Why is there a rainbow
[SST05.1] Let's Create Together: Rainbow
[SST051] Reading together: The Devil of Color
[SST05.1] Summary: Create your child's color book
[SST05.1] Connect with family