[STEMsmart] Roads and Intersections

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 40 Lessons


During this week, children will learn about movement. Children will:

  • Forming perceptions of near and far distances
  • Recognise the importance of mobility in modern life, and the different ways of moving
  • Classification of traffic environments, and means of transport by land, water, rail, and air
  • Realise what makes vehicles move through real experiments
  • Learn how to design roads and intersections that are safe for users
  • Recognise the importance of safe mobility and how to move safely 
Course Content

General guidance

[SST07.4] Overview
[SST07.4] Learning Outcomes
[SST07.4] Webinar Recording (Video 58:34)
[SST07.4] Letter to Parents
[SST07.4] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST07.4] Hello song: I practice driving a car
[SST07.4] Let's chat: Near and far
[SST07.4] Watch: "Let's fly!"
[SST07.4] Co creation: Means of transport
[SST07.4] Let's Play: Balloon Racing
[SST07.4] Small group activities: Making magnet cars
[SST07.4] Let's learn math: Find the right number of means of transport
[SST07.4] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST07.4] Welcome song: “Bus wheel”
[SST07.4] Small group operation: Train going through a tunnel
[SST07.4] Listening to stories: Rollers and trucks
[SST07.4] Let's play: From the shadow, name the means of transport
[SST07.4] Small group activity: Building lego vehicles
[SST07.4] Small group activity: The ship with a baby's name

Day 3

[SST07.4] Welcome song: “Riding, rowing, rowing”
[SST07.4] Let's chat: Water transport
[SST07.4] Let's explore: Water means of transport
[SST07.4] Motor Games: Rowing
[SST07.4] Together Creation: Boats
[SST07.4] Small group activity: Balloon canoe
[SST07.4] Read together: Busy boats
[SST07.4] Movement game: Crocodile ashore

Day 4

[SST07.4] Song: "Let's Fly!"
[SST07.4] Let's chat: Air transport vehicles
[SST07.4] Let's Explore: The Parachute Egg
[SST07.4] Let's create together: Baby's hot air balloon
[SST07.4] Let's play: Catching radar waves
[SST07.4] Small group activities: Children's transport book
[SST07.4] Read poetry together: Traffic lights

Day 5

[SST07.4] Song: “I cross the street at a crossroads”
[SST07.4] Let's guess: When can the baby cross the street?
[SST07.4] Sports games (outdoors): Safe traffic
[SST07.4] Let's explore: Observing street crossroads
[SST07.4] Let's play: Learn the roads
[SST07.4] Family Connection