[STEMsmart] Fly Me to the Moon

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 41 Lessons


In this lesson, children will explore rockets and space stations. Children will:

  • Explore the space station, its functions, its orbit
  • Tour the inside of the space station and discover the robotic arm
  • Review about the Solar System and what your child has learned about our universe
  • Distinguish between man made and natural objects in the universe
  • Do experiments on the distance and flight direction of the rocket
  • Tiny rocket launch test
  • Watch videos and read books on rocket/space topics
  • Review the letter Tt, the sound /t/, and the word Rocket. 
Course Content

General guidance

[SST09.4] Overview
[SST09.4] Learning Outcomes
[SST09.4] Webinar Recording (Video 01:31:27)
[SST09.4] Letter to Parents
[SST09.4] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST09.4] Welcome Song: “Solar System”
[SST09.4] Let's chat: Man made and natural objects in the universe
[SST09.4] Watch: Visiting the space station
[SST09.4] Small Group Activity: Robotic Arm
[SST09.4] Let's explore: What do astronauts eat?
[SST09.4] Let's learn the letters: The letter Tt and the word "Missile"
[SST09.4] Let's learn words together: Writing on sandpaper ("Tt")
[SST09.4] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST09.4] Welcome song: “We flew to the moon”
[SST09.4] Let's chat: 10, 9, 8, …. 1 Take off!
[SST09.4] Let's chat: In which direction does the rocket fly?
[SST09.4] Let's explore: Missile's direction of motion
[SST09.4] Small group operation: Changing the direction of the rocket
[SST09.4] Read together: Missile soars
[SST09.4] Let's learn letters together: Fill letters (“Cont”)

Day 3

[SST09.4] Together (Indoor): Missile countdown
[SST09.4] Read together: Missile soars
[SST09.4] Let's Play: Rocket Model Design
[SST09.4] Co creation: Human carrying rocket
[SST09.4] Same experiment (Outdoor): Rocket launch
[SST09.4] Let's learn letters: The letter in our name (“Tt”)

Day 4

[SST09.4] Together: Rocket Race
[SST09.4] Let's chat: Which rocket flies farther?
[SST09.4] Let's explore: Fly further?
[SST09.4] Let's Play: Join the Space Station
[SST09.4] Let's explore: Spaceship flies to earth
[SST09.4] Let's Play: Missile Assembly
[SST09.4] Let's learn letters: Alphabet bag (/t/)

Day 5

[SST09.4] Welcome song: “We flew to the moon”
[SST09.4] Chat Together: Far/Near Distance
[SST09.4] Read together: Daisy and Robin's space travel
[SST09.4] Composing together: I want to be an astronaut
[SST09.4] Small Group Operation: Moon Lander
[SST09.4] Let's learn letters together: Shape and decorate letters (“Tt”)
[SST09.4] Summary
[SST09.4] Family Connection