[STEMsmart] Dream Careers

1,000,000 VND 6 sections 44 Lessons


During this week of the program, children will be able to recognise, and understand more about careers in society, and career orientations they want to do in the future.

  • Having initial perceptions about work and career, assessing what they like to do and don't like to do, which serve as a basis for career guidance.
  • Role play about different professions to understand more about the work of each profession
  • Listen to songs and stories about each different profession to understand and appreciate each person's work more
  • Understand the importance of professions in society
  • Understand that different careers have different job characteristics and different requirements, and that children can train themselves from a young age to meet those requirements if they want to pursue a career they love.
  • Understand that everyone has the right to do what they like, and find suitable
Course Content

General guidance

[SST10.2] Overview
[SST10.2] Learning Outcomes
[SST10.2] Webinar Recording (Video 01:24:35)
[SST10.2] Letter to Parents
[SST10.2] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST10.2] Hello Song: If you're happy and you know it
[SST10.2] Let's explore: Why do people work?
[SST10.2] Watch: Peppa Pig - Work and play
[SST10.2] Let's chat: What you like to do – What you don't like to do
[SST10.2] Co creation: Careers in society
[SST10.2] Watch: Everyone has a dream
[SST10.2] Same category: Utensils and workplaces
[SST10.2] Co creation: Building a workplace

Day 2

[SST10.2] Let's Explore: Community Service Careers
[SST10.2] Let's play: I'm a traffic policeman
[SST10.2] Watch: Peppa Pig - Dentist
[SST10.2] Co creation: Pair of doctors
[SST10.2] Let's play: Doctor examines a patient
[SST10.2] Watch: Peppa Pig – Firefighter
[SST10.2] Watch: I want to be a teacher
[SST10.2] Watch: I want to be a preschool teacher
[SST10.2] Let's learn words together: Occupation

Day 3

[SST10.2] Let's chat: Who's famous?
[SST10.2] Together: Athletes
[SST10.2] Watch: Dancer
[SST10.2] Working together: Practicing being a football player
[SST10.2] Working together: Boat racing
[SST10.2] Watch: I want to be a manga creator
[SST10.2] Watch: I want to be an artist

Day 4

[SST10.2] Let's chat: How has the world changed?
[SST10.2] Watch together: Baby's dream: Architect
[SST10.2] Watch: I want to be an astronaut
[SST10.2] Watch: I want to be a train driver
[SST10.2] Small group activity: Inventor
[SST10.2] Watch: When I Grow Up – The Career Story of Twins
[SST10.2] Sing together: Tomorrow you will grow up

Day 5

[SST10.2] Discover together: I want to be…
[SST10.2] Read Together: When Children Grow Up, by Andrew Daddo, and Jonathan Bentley
[SST10.2] Watch: When Yakovic's Children Grow Up
[SST10.2] Let's create together: I draw the future
[SST10.2] Small group activities: Career goals
[SST10.2] Let's chat: Your future
[SST10.2] Summary: Job Fair
[SST10.2] Connect with family