[STEMsmart] Everything about you

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During this week, children will learn about themselves, their names, birth dates, external physical features, and inner personalities, their likes and dislikes, that make them special. This helps children discover their own self, build confidence and self esteem.

Children will also learn about the parts of the body, the senses, how the parts of the body and senses work, and learn how to protect the body and maintain physical hygiene.

Children will develop an awareness of their own emotions to create healthy and personalised social connections with those around them.

Children will:

  • Listen to the reading book “I Love Myself” by Karen Beaumont, watch the cartoon “Look in the mirror”, and talk together, to form self awareness;
  • Create the book “Everything About Me” and record your presentation;
  • Explore the internal and external parts of the body, and the parts that aren't exactly “parts” with the reading book “Parts” by Tedd Arnold;
  • Investigate how the senses work in the Senses Lab
  • Discover your feelings and share it with your friends in “Friendship Diary”
Course Content

General guidance

[SST02.1] Overview
[SST02.1] Learning Outcomes
[SST02.1] Webinar
[SST02.1] Letter to Parents
[SST02.1] Share your ideas

Day 1

[SST02.1] Greeting song: “What's your name?”
[SST02.1] Let's discuss: You are special
[SST02.1] Let's read: “I love myself”
[SST02.1] Let's draw and write: The book "Everything about me"
[SST02.1] Let's share (Small group): What makes you special?
[SST02.1] Let's watch: “Look in the mirror”
[SST02.1] Let's create: Making name plate
[SST02.1] Family Connection

Day 2

[SST02.1] The song: “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”
[SST02.1] Let's discover: Who is taller? Who is bigger?
[SST02.1] Let's exercise (Outdoors): What time is it, "Mr. Wolf"?
[SST02.1] Let's talk: Who runs faster?
[SST02.1] Let's read: “Me and my perfect body”
[SST02.1] Let's draw and write: Scanning a body
[SST02.1] Let's read: “Body parts”

Day 3

[SST02.1] The song: Five senses
[SST02.1] Let's explore (in class): Five senses laboratory
[SST02.1] Let's explore (outdoors): Explore using your five senses
[SST02.1] Let's read: Five senses
[SST02.1] Let's play: Yes or No?
[SST02.1] Small group activity: The secret box
[SST02.1] Let's create: The special gift

Day 4

[SST02.1] The song: “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”
[SST02.1] Let's talk: How I grew up?
[SST02.1] Let's explore: Human needs
[SST02.1] Let's read: “My perfect body”
[SST02.1] Let's talk: Becoming healthy
[SST02.1] Let's watch: “Bee-bim bop”
[SST02.1] Small group activity: What we have for dinner?

Day 5

[SST02.1] The song: “What's your name?”
[SST02.1] Let's talk: How you feel?
[SST02.1] Let's read: Me and my emotions
[SST02.1] Let's play: Look into the mirror
[SST02.1] Let's read: My body belongs to me
[SST02.1] Let's create: Friendship diary
[SST02.1] Summary
[SST02.1] Family Connection